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SBA Bohemia, s. r. o. se specializuje na maloobchodní i velkoobchodní prodej materiálů a technologií pro výrobu reklamy. Nabízí nejen materiály pro klasickou reklamu od renomova- ných zahraničních výrobců jako např. ASLAN, MACtac atd ...

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Antigrafiti a popisovatelné folie

NazevKódPopis Návin (m)Šířka (cm)
  Bannery a sitovinyyyy 100
1,0 x 1,0
  MACmount MACmount double-coat closed-cell polyethylene foam tapes are ideal for mounting, bonding and laminating to a wide array of similar or dissimilar materials. MACmount foam tapes offer excellent shear strength and are highly conformable and compressible when applied to uneven, irregular or contoured surfaces. General purpose and high- performance rubber-based adhesives are available, as well as high-performance acrylic adhesives that resist plasticizer migration.
  MACbond Ideal for the assembly of a wide array of sub-assembly parts. Eliminates the need for metal fasteners or messy liquid glues. Engineered for the most demanding bonding and laminating applications, MACbond double-coated tapes feature general-purpose and high-performance rubber-based and acrylic adhesives with polyester, polypropylene and tissue carriers. With minimal increase in total product thickness, MACbond products provide lasting durability and long-term performance. Polycoated liners are available on several MACbond constructions where moisture resistance and layflat are critical for laminating and die-cutting.
  MACfoil An adhesive-coated aluminium foil designed for vapour-sealed closure systems for joints on pipe and duct insulation. Facing options include aluminium foil and foil/scrim/kraft
  MACfilm This unsupported, pressure sensitive film provides smooth, low-profile bonding to a wide variety of substrates. MACfilm unsupported free film pressure sensitive adhesives are engineered and manufactured to assure smooth, low-profile bonding to a wide variety of substrates. MACfilm transfer tapes feature general purpose and high-performance acrylic adhesives. Adhesives are available in different thicknesses.

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  MACtouch These adhesive solutions have been developed to meet the technical needs of the membrane switch industry. MACtouch is a range of twin-linered laminating and spacer tapes for trouble-free conversion.

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  PERMACOLOR PG 7036Fólie z polyesteru (PET),tl. 36 mikronů, vysoce lesklá, lepidlo ultračiré,anti-graffiti použití. Certifikovaná také pro One Way Vision na rovné plochy. 50

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